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Efficient and Attractive Structural Roof Decks

Panelsays offers a large range of metal roof deck profiles that are attractive and highly efficient. The structural performance of our metal decks provides the ideal base for metal standing seams, bitumen, and green roofs. We manufacture metal deck sheets that are made using premium quality material and are known for their durability, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance.

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Material Specification of Metal Deck Roofing

Panelsays TH762

The PANELSAYS TH762 is fabricated from high-grade steel sheets such as Zincalume, and Clean colorbond. Our fabrication technology makes our product durable, strong, and long-lasting. To make it even more outstanding, the PANELSAYS TH762 is also built-in with anti-corrosion properties, which increases its longevity. To ensure material quality consistency and strength, we use the latest Cold Roll Form process. This method ensures that the metal deck roof is highly tensile throughout the entire sheet. The cold roll form method allows us to fabricate long span metal deck roofing or wall claddings.

Features and benefits

  • Cold Roll-formed long length high tensile metal decking
  • Manufactured from high tensile ZINCALUME® Steel / CoolZal Steel / Prima Steel / Clean COLORBOND®steel substrate protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment
  • Roofing and walling profiles with material warranty up to 25 years *
  • With effective cover width of 762mm and rib height of 25mm for increased strength and better water drainage
  • For minimum roof pitch of 3°
  • Innovative, durable, and cost-effective
  • Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin hoarding, etc

Panelsays TH710

Our PANELSAYS TH710 is strong due to the great choice of materials. It has a slightly higher rib height, which enables tighter gap coverage, this feature minimizes water leakage between roof sheets. The high rib height also acts as an interlocking mechanism between our roof sheets, simplifying our installation, and makes our roof sheets more accurately aligned.
This product is best for building with low slopes & long-spanning roofs. Other than that, it can also be used as wall cladding.

Features and benefits

  • Long-lasting high tensile metal roofing.
  • Combines with smart fluted spans and lock-action rib design
  • Steel Substrate protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment
  • Roofing and walling profiles with a material warranty of up to 25 years.
  • Wider effective cover width of 710mm and rib height of 39mm.
  • Minimum roof pitch of 1o.
  • Concealed fixing method with clip and locking system.
  • Suitable for low pitched roofs with petrol station, warehouse, exhibition halls, shop, offices, etc.

Panelsays PU Foam 762

The PANELSAYS PU FOAM is highly stable and has low thermal conductivity, this makes it a perfect material for great thermal efficiency. It does a great job preventing heat from entering the building, meanwhile reducing cool air leaving out of the building. With this amazing feature, it can save electricity as less electricity is used to power a/c.

Other than that, it even reduces noise level due to its ability to absorb sound, so whenever there’s heavy rain, the loudness of sound created by raindrops hitting the metal roofs will be greatly reduced.
The PANELSAYS PU FOAM is proven more effective than bricks, woods, and other materials. It can be applied on PANELSAYS TH metal roofing or PANELSAYS metal sheets for wall cladding purposes.

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