Prefabricated Timber Roof Framing - Top Metal roofing contractors in Malasia

Intricate and Eye-catching Timber Roof Framing with Higher Flexibility and Longevity

Want an aesthetically pleasing and sound structure that can safely carry the induced load while offering longevity and attractive appearance? Then look no further than Panelsays. We are one of the preferred timber roof framing manufacturers, as we offer amazing designs depending on your choices and structure.

Be it industrial, residential, commercial, or an institutional building, the roof type is a crucial component of a building. Panelsays offers the best Timber roof framings that are made from High-quality material which makes it stronger and highly flexible.

Panelsays offers prefabricated timber roof framing that is built in our factory. Our experienced architects and engineers ensure that the roof framing is carefully designed to carry the load of your commercial/residential/industrial roof to the outside walls. The key benefits of using our prefabricated roof framings are that it is highly cost-effective and drastically speeds up your construction speed.

What do we offer?

A large team of specialist engineers at Panelsays is on hand to service our customers’ needs. Our team provides cost estimation, design, and installation for the timber roof system. We have wide selections of timber species for your preferences such as Kempas, Chengal, Resak, Merbau, and Balau timber species. Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses connected with truss plate are not only much more cost-efficient than conventional bolts and nuts system but more durable and stable too.

Features and benefits

  • Cost-efficient
  • One trade time‐saving roof solution
  • Easy to install – no complex anchorage methods
  • System allows continuity of work when installing roof framing
  • Speedier construction due to prefabrication in the factory
  • Cater for a longer span
  • Reliability & Flexibility of design
  • Conservation value
  • Can be delivered to site at the right time in the project programme, and
  • Minimal handlingas they are hoisted in position.
  • Performance meets local authority regulations and requirements
  • Available to satisfy all roof layouts from the simple to the most complex
  • Complies with current building regulations (fire and sound)

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