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What we do

Panelsays has a long-standing commitment to creating reliable infrastructure all over Malaysia Sustainability is an integral part of our approach to business practices

  • Panelsays has been an integral part of the Malaysia building industries since 1988.
  • We specialize mainly in manufacturing timber and steel roof framing system.
  • Our head office

    Our head office is located at Trillium, Sungai Besi and our factory is located in Hulu Langat town, Kajang region, Kuala Lumpur. Panelsays is considered as one of the trusted partners for providing material, building sites and offices of architects, engineers, and developers.

  • Commitment to our customers

    To constantly assess the realities, needs, values of the customer and set strategic goals Panelsays has employed experienced and highly professional engineers, roof designers, support staff, cost estimators, factory permanent manufacturing team and site installation teams. Our employees are the backbone of this company. It is their handwork and commitment to our customers and products that have made the company what it is today.

Our Business Processes

We initiate our business processes and work closely with our customers before the commencement of the project to understand the expectations and needs. During project implementation, our site management team proactively works with the customers and ensure the project is running smoothly. Even after supply and product installation, it is our duty to offer services, making sure our customer’s expectations are achieved.

Panelsays prides itself as one of the premier roof suppliers in the central and southern regions. We strive to consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations and needs while ensuring our products quality and engineering integrity of our design.

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