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Fabricated Mild Steel Roof Structure with Perfect Execution and Flawless Features

Panelsays offers the best Fabricated Mild Steel Roof Structure within your time and budget. Our team is highly qualified with the ability to understand your application. We closely work with you and ensure that the fabricated mild steel roof structure we manufacture will meet all your application requirements.

What do we offer?

Our Mild Steel Roof structures are fabricated from high-grade steel sheets. The unique fabrication technology makes our product strong and long-lasting. To make it even more outstanding, the mild steel roof structure is built-in with anti-corrosion properties, which helps the roofing system to lasts even longer. To ensure material quality, strength, and consistency we use the latest Cold Roll Form process. This method ensures that the metal deck roof is highly tensile throughout the entire sheet.

Features and benefits

  • Cold Roll-formed long length high tensile metal decking
  • Manufactured from high tensile ZINCALUME® Steel / CoolZal Steel / Prima Steel / Clean COLORBOND®steel substrate protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment
  • Roofing and walling profiles with material warranty up to 25 years *
  • With effective cover width of 762 mm and rib height of 25 mm for better water drainage and increased strength
  • For minimum roof pitch of 3°
  • Innovative, strong, and cost-effective
  • Widely used for industrial and commercial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin hoarding, etc.

Panelsays provides 100% dimensional inspections, 100% material traceability, and necessary inspection for welds. Additional testing services include load tests and pressure/hydro testing.

We are one of the trusted Malaysian structural steel fabricators with the experience and expertise to manufacture your Mild steel roofing systems that meet the most stringent requirements. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are delivered on time and in your budget.

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