Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated Construction

Light, Precise, and Highly Versatile Prefabricated Steel Roofing System for Efficient Assembly of Walls, Trusses, and Joists

The Endless Possibilities of Panelsays Cold Formed Steel Roofing

Do you need a dependable construction method, that can deliver projects within your budget and on time? Then you should opt for highly reliable cold formed steel roofing systems.
The steel roof framing by Panelsays is highly accurate and allows you to prefabricate the walls, trusses, and joists at a rapid speed. It offers several advantages such as strength, buildability, sustainability, flexibility, and AFFORDABILITY. Our steel roofing systems are light in weight, so it becomes easy to handle and helps you to speed up the construction.

Whether you want the roofing system for residential or highly commercialized sectors, you can rely on Panelsays Prefabricated Steel Roofing systems.

Increase the speed, safety, and quality of construction with our highly innovative prefabricated light gauge steel roof framing.
Panlesays manufactures light gauge steel frame systems based on ASTM standards. The structural sheets are formed into strong C, Z, or S shapes that can support heavy loads. Our roll forming equipment is streamlined that takes up minimal space and enables easy and quick assembly.

Benefits of Panelsays Steel Roofing Systems

  • Strong, rigid, and highly durable
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and speedy installation
  • Consistent material properties
  • Structural warranty
  • Corrosion protected
  • 100% termite proof
  • No further application of paint needed and environment friendly
  • Non-combustibles roof system

Worried about the quality??

Our Steel roofing systems are manufactured from high-quality G550 light gauge high tensile steel, which is 30% more durable than the mild steel. Listed below is the specification of our Prefabricated Steel Roofing systems.

  • Durable than mild steel – Steel grade G550
  • Minimum yield strength – 550MPa
  • Minimum tensile strength – 550MPa
  • Elasticity modules – 200,000MPa
  • Shear strength -80,000 MPa anti-corrosion specification
  • Warranty 10 years

Our efficient and accurate nature of prefabrication allows projects to be produced accurately to specification and design. Gain a greater degree of quality control with our highly economical prefabricated Steel roofing.

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